For thousands of year's artisans, craftsman and carpenters have used tropical hardwoods to create the world's most treasured and enduring images. Churches, homes, sculptures and religious artifacts, have all been carved or cut from the ancient trees harvested from the depths of the Amazon jungles.

Accent Brazil continues this tradition by offering exclusive designs produced with reclaimed Brazilian hardwoods. Pete Gonzalez travels to Brazilian farming towns, Fabricas and jungles to reclaim this wood from deserted barns, haciendas and churches, and re-imagine these indigenous specimens into beautiful, functional and timeless home furnishings.

Each piece has been designed and nurtured by Accent Brazil. We select the wood based on the design and oversee the preparation, the constructing and the finishing of each piece. We contract with local Brazilian artisans whose skills and practices are honed by generations of experience. Each piece is handmade and blessed with each individual craftsman's unique vision and interpretation of the original design.

Our vision and our promise is to create and deliver quality, handmade heirlooms that will grace our customer's homes and lives forever.

Pete Gonzalez
Accent Brazil
We now offer rare specialty hardwoods from Brazil. If you are looking to build a house or just need that special look, we can provide you with many varieties of Brazilian Hardwoods. Please call us for more details.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection.

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